New - 4810F
4800F Chain Flail Debarker
4810F Track Mounted Flail
Makes moving at the job site easier than ever

Peterson’s all-new 4810F tracked chain flail debarker brings mobile in-field chipping to a new level! The remote controlled 4810F makes clean out between the machines, and repositioning at a new job site easier than ever.

The tracked 4810F weighs in at 44,200 lbs. (20,048 kg), and features 400 mm wide triple grouser pads, and a two speed tracking system with a 2.5 mph (4 km) maximum speed.

The 4810F is designed to debark multiple logs and works in tandem with a whole tree chipper to produce high quality pulp chips. Capable of processing multiple logs from 2 to 23 inches (5–58 cm) in diameter, the 4810F increases productivity while reducing bark content, product handling time, and fiber loss.

4810F working in tandem with a 5900E

Click to see video of the 4810F in action