The Windsifter is designed for separating light impurities, such as plastic, out of screened compost and biomass materials. The W70 Windsifter has an infeed hopper with an integrated dosing roller. The Terra Select Windsifter can be loaded via a wheel loader, or used in tandem with a trommel or star screen for superior material separation.

The machine is fed using a wide, flat belt conveyor at the bottom of the hopper, into a chamber (via a metering bar) where a strong air stream aerates the material. Light material (such as plastic) is pulled out of the material stream, and sorted material is then dropped onto two discharge conveyors. The first conveyor has a magnetic head pulley to remove any ferrous materials and the final discharge conveyor has a stone separator to remove stones from the compost or biomass. The waste material is collected into a separate waste collection bin.