W70 Windsifter

W70 Windsifter


The W70 Windsifter is designed for cleaning light impurities, such as plastic, out of screened compost and biomass materials. The W70 Windsifter has a dedicated infeed hopper with an integrated metering roller, allowing operation independently of a trommel screen. The W70 can be loaded via a wheel loader, or used in tandem with a trommel or star screen for superior material separation.

The machine is fed using a wide, flat belt conveyor at the bottom of the hopper, into a chamber (via a metering bar) where a strong air stream aerates the material. Light material (such as plastic) is pulled out of the material stream, and sorted material is then dropped onto two discharge conveyors. The first conveyor has a stone separator to remove light weight stones from the material and the final discharge conveyor has a magnetic head pulley to remove any ferrous materials from the compost or biomass. The waste material is collected into a separate waste collection bin.

The W70 is powered by a fuel-efficient (108 hp) 81kW JCB diesel engine, and is easily moved with its built in pintle hitch system.  The highly efficient W70 system is  capable of throughput rates of up to 105 yd³ per hour.

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W70 Windsifter


Infeed Hopper with Metering

The infeed hopper is equipped with the proven positive-fitting drive system from the Terra Select trommel screens. In addition, a metering roller ensures an even infeed of material into the machine.

Impressive Throughput Rates

The W 70 Windsifter impresses with a high, continuously adjustable cleaning level at throughput rates of up to 105 yd³ (80 m³) per hour.


Maintenance Friendly

The machine is a maintenance-friendly design, and all functions are hydraulically powered.

Added Features

Additional features include a hopper with metering roller, stone separation and magnet roller.


Dosing Roller

The Dosing Roller ensures an even feed of material into the machine.

Magnetic Roller

The magnetic roller is a magnetized conveyor puller used to remove metal from processed material.

Destoner Belt

This feature is a secondary conveyor that can be added to any screening machine. The destoner belt pivots from horizontal to vertical allowing stones to roll backwards while processed stock continues to move forward on the conveyor belt.

W70 Windsifter



Operating Length
44' 8" (1362 cm)
Operating Height
13' 1" (400 cm)
Operating Width
8' 4" (255 cm)
Travel Length
34' 8" (1056 cm)
Travel Height
13' 1" (400 cm)
Travel Width
8' 4" (255cm)
Conveyor Height
8' 10" (270 cm)
Pintle Hitch to Front Axle
17' 11" (546 cm)
Axle Spacing
3' 3" (99 cm)


Machine Weight*
Approx. 26,455 lbs (12000 kg)
*Varies based on optional equipment and machine configuration.


JCB TCAE 4.4 L Tier IV
108 hp (81 kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity
47 US gal (180 L)
Main Hydraulic Tank Capacity
21 US gal (80 L)
Suction Fan
30 hp (22 kW)
Pressure Fan
7 hp (5.5 kW)

Feed System

Hopper Capacity
5 yd³ (4 m³)
Hopper Width
5' 11" (180 cm)
Hopper Length
12' (366 cm)

Discharge System

3' 3" (100 cm)
19' (580 cm)
3' 3" (100 cm)
6' 11" (210 cm)


105 yd³/ (80 m³) per hour
*Actual output may vary due to moisture content, material density, material size, and support equipment.

Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment. Specifications subject to change without notice.

W70 Windsifter


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