TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor

TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor


The Peterson TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor is an innovative conveyor which can often eliminate the need for a wheel loader.

Fed by a large hopper, the generous 42-inch wide (107 cm) conveyor can easily keep up with horizontal grinders or screens. The 80-foot conveyor length can stack materials up to 35 feet high (1100 cm).

The TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor is powered by a fuel efficient, 58 hp Kohler diesel engine. The engines are Tier IV compliant with no DPF for lower maintenance and operating costs.

The TS4280 allows you to continually operate while conveying the material away from the feeding machine. This eliminates the need for double material handling with traditional wheel loaders, which can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

TS4280 is easily repositioned with the powerful tracks to extend the pile or move to the next site. The machine can be setup in just minutes. The safe, simple hydraulic controls ease unloading, moving, setup, and tear down.

The folding head section and optional folding tail, creates a compact travel position that reduces transportation length.

TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor


Stack it Higher

The tracked TS4280 can create 3210 yd³ stockpiles of material before needing to be repositioned, eliminating the need for double material handling.


Remotely Operate from Arms Reach

Fully-functional remote control operates the entire system, enabling a single-person operation. Pause and resume with the push of a button!


Special In-Feed Hopper

The infeed hopper has been specifically designed to handle organic material to enable smooth feeding to the conveyor without bridging.


Unique Belt Scraper

The TS4280 is equipped with a flexible finger belt scraper, specifically designed to work with a cleated belt. This eliminates material build up on the rollers ensuring uptime.


Simple Controls

The TS4280 has easy to use controls at the machine for raising and lowering the conveyor as well as folding for transportation.

Generous Conveyor

The generously large cleated conveyor will move your material efficiently.

Engine Access

The engine access door makes maintenance and operation easy.

Fuel Efficient Design

The TS4280 is powered by a fuel efficient, 58 hp Kohler diesel engine. The engines are Tier IV compliant with no DPF for lower maintenance and operating costs.

TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor



Operating Length*
70' 5" (2166 cm)
Operating Height*
34' 1" (1048 cm)
Operating & Travel Width
7' 6" (230 cm)
Travel Length
40' 3" (1238 cm)
Travel Height
8' 8" (266 cm)
Conveyor Operating Angles*
up to 26°
Conveyor Operating Length*
77' 2" (2374 cm)
Hopper Height*
4' 3" (130 cm)
Track Width
1' 4" (40 cm)
Inside Track Width
4' 9 " (145 cm)
Track Drive Center to Idler Center
13' 1" (404 cm)
*Operating dimensions directly correlate and vary based on the degree of operating angle. Dimensions listed are for 26° luffing.


26,345 lbs (11,950 kg)


Kohler KDI 1903 TCR 56.3 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity
47 gal (178 L)


500 tons per hour


Stockpile Volume (26° Luffing)

Stockpile capacities are calculated based on material with a bulk density of 100 lb/ft3 (1.6 tonnes/m3) with a 37° angle of repose.

Optional Equipment

Dust Cover
Impact Bed in Feed Area
Dust Suppression
Hydraulic Folding Tail Section
Upgraded Belts
1/2" Hardox Hopper Liners

TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor


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