T70 Trommel Screen

T70 Trommel Screen


The T70 trommel screen is Terra Select’s largest mobile and highest output trommel screen. With capability to screen over 320 cubic yards per hour, the T70 is designed for operations needing the highest output of precisely classified material as possible.

The 24′ 7″ long x 7′ 3″ diameter drum has an efficient screening area of 495 square feet. This generous drum handles traditionally difficult material, such as wet compost, with ease. Of course, the T70 Trommel Screen is not limited to compost, it easily screens topsoil, waste, C&D, wood chips, and many other materials.

The T70 Trommel Screen’s innovative design has many features unique to Terra Select; such as the positive fitting drive for the infeed conveyor belt, which stops and starts automatically depending on the amount of material in the drum, preventing an overloaded drum.

All Terra Select machines are solid, long lasting, and are maintenance friendly. Drum changes are easily accomplished without the need for special tools or equipment. The T70 Trommel Screen’s 100 hp Perkins diesel engine is fuel efficient, providing a reliable, and economical power plant for the machine.

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T70 Trommel Screen


Better Flow of Material

The Terra Select T70 trommel screen’s impressive 24’ 7″ by 7’ 3″ spiral screening surface provides more than 495 ft² of open screening area.

Power Drum Drive

The Terra Select T70 trommel screen’s powerful chain-grip belt drum drive provides high torque and low wear, and is easy to clean and service.

Large Infeed Hopper

The large drum gets fed perfectly by the large 8.5 yd³ (6.5 m³) hopper. This machine is still street legal without any extra permits. (May require special permits in some regions).

Positive Fitting Infeed Conveyor Belt

The T70 is engineered with a 1″ thick infeed conveyor belt combined with a specially fitted drive roller. This system avoids belt sliding and shifting, making it nearly maintenance-free.

Hopper Grates

The hopper grate is an optional feature that is ideal when separating hard-to-screen materials, such as wet compost.

Remote Control

The Terra Select T70 has remote control for convenience and safety while operating the machine.

Handling Rolling Material With Ease

The T70 also has a Stone Separation Belt for handling rolling material being screened.

Auxiliary Drive

This feature may be added to the T60 and T70 machine. The auxiliary drive is an additional connection used to hydraulically power any added features.

T70 Trommel Screen



Operating Length
55' 4"(1686 cm)
Operating Width
20' 5" (623 cm)
Travel Length
44' 7" (1360 cm)
Travel Height
13' 5" (410 cm)
Travel Width
8' 6" (259 cm)
Trommel Length
24' 7" (750 cm)
Hopper Length
13' 9" (420 cm)
Fines Conveyor Height
10' (304 cm)
Oversize Conveyor Height
10' 8" (326 cm)


Machine Weight
Approx. 48,500 (22,000 kg)


100 hp (75 kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity
80 US gal (300 L)

Feed System

Hopper Capacity
more than 8.5 yd³ (6.5 m³)
Hopper Width
5' 11" (180 cm)


7' 3" (220 cm)
495 ft² (46 m²)

Fines Conveyor

23' 7" (720 cm)
3' 3" (100 cm)

Oversize Conveyor

16' 1" (490 cm)
3' 3" (100 cm)


Screening Performance
327³ (250 m³) per hour
*Actual output may vary due to moisture content, material density, material size, and support equipment.

Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment. Specifications subject to change without notice.

T70 Trommel Screen


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