T60 Trommel Screen

T60 Trommel Screen


Terra Select’s T60 trommel screen is ideal for larger operations that need more throughput, but still need an easily transportable machine. With a drum length of 18′ 1″ and a diameter of 7′ 3″, the T60 has impressive screening capabilities of up to 262 cubic yards per hour!

The 100 hp Perkins engine is extremely fuel efficient due to its low engine operating speed, but still has enough power to feed optional star screen or air separator attachments.

The large feed hopper makes loading the machine easy, and the feed conveyor keeps a constant stream of material fed into the trommel section of the screen.

The trommel has a spiral center to keep the material evenly distributed and fed as the material passes the through the drum. Drum changes are easy due to the user friendly design. Terra Select has a wide variety of drums to suit your specific product sizing needs.

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T60 Trommel Screen


One Piece Fines Conveyor Belt

The standard belly belt and the side belt are one continuous conveyor belt, with no gap where fine materials can build up.

Heavy-Duty Drum Carrier Wheels

We use heavy duty bearings where the mechanical load is the highest. By turning the wheels you can use competitor drums with a smaller diameter in our machines.

Star Screen Attachment

The optional Star Screen deck attachment can be driven by a hydraulic port on the machine. Easy to transport, just fold it together and place it on top of the infeed hopper.

Air Separator Attachment

The optional V60 Windsifter (air knife & vacuum) can connect to the additional hydraulic port on the machine. The V60 Windsifter attaches to the overs conveyor belt, and is an easy solution to get plastics out of your material.

Cleaner Brush for Efficiency

The T60 has brush cleaning fingers for better machine function and efficiency.

Extra Long Fine Grain Belt

The Terra Select T60 is able to support an Optional Extra Long Fine Grain Belt for output material management.

Optional Yard Drive

The Wheel-Driven Yard Drive eliminates the need for a truck to move the machine within a job site.

T60 Trommel Screen



Operating Length
50' (1517 cm)
Operating Height
13' 1" (400 cm)
Travel Length
38' 9" (1180 cm)
Travel Height
13' 5" (410 cm)
Travel Width
8' 4" (255 cm)
Trommel Length
18' 1" (550 cm)
Hopper Length
13' 1' (400 cm)
Fines Conveyor Height
10' (304 cm)
Extra-Long Fines Conveyor Height (optional)
12' 1" (367 cm)
Oversize Conveyor Height
10' 7" (322 cm)


Machine Weight
Approx. 41,888 lbs (19,000 kg)


100 hp (75 kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity
80 US gal (300 L)

Feed System

Hopper Capacity
8 yd³ (6 m³)
Hopper Width
5' 11" (180 cm)


7' 3" (220 cm)
355 ft² (33 m²)

Fines Conveyor

22' (670 cm)
Extra-Long Conveyor Length (optional)
26' 5" (806 cm)
3' 3" (100 cm)
Conveyor Angle
30 degrees

Oversize Conveyor

16' 1" (490 cm)
3' 11" (120 cm)
Conveyor Angle
30 degrees


Screening Performance
262 yd³ (200 m³) per hour
*Actual output may vary due to moisture content, material density, material size, and support equipment.

Optional Equipment

Extra-Long Fines Conveyor
V60 Windshifter

Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment. Specifications subject to change without notice.

T60 Trommel Screen


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