R+ Package

Upgrade your traditionally tooled horizontal grinder with this heavy-duty package

R+ Package


R+ Package

With 10+ years of development, the R+ package combines the very best in engineering and innovative design to equip a typical “high speed” Peterson horizontal grinder into a “medium speed” machine, utilizing the production of a typical high speed grinder, and the protection of a slow-speed shredder. With performance nearly doubling the output of typical slow speed shredders, R+ equipped Peterson horizontal grinders offer a solution that has high output, and superior machine protection against ungrindable materials.

Typical R+ applications include Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris, chunk wood such as stumps, storm debris, rail road ties, and other materials.

The R+ package uses a specially designed rotor with high and low bits, that turns at half the speed of our standard units. This processes material through a specialized heavy duty grate, with the high and low bits passing through the fingers, providing extensive fracturing surfaces for superior product reduction.

The R+ package utilizes Peterson’s patented Impact Release System, and Impact Cushion System to protect your investment against an ungrindable object, but has additional modifications such as a heavier duty cushion block to prevent nuisance openings, and an upgraded Impact Release System designed to perform in the harsher environment.

Other mods include more space for ground material to exit the machine, and a heavier duty discharge belt.

Already own a Peterson grinder? Your 4700, 5700, or 6700-series machine may be able to be upgraded as a package so you can take on the difficult jobs that you may have passed by before. Likewise, if you no longer need the protection of the R+ package, and your grinder is going into other applications, the R+ specific parts can be removed and replaced with standard units to change the machine back to a standard “high speed” grinder– no other machine on the market can do that!

R+ Package


Large Sheave and Guard

Decreases the operating speed, and increases the horsepower. Allows the rotor to sustain less damage with each impact and improving bit wear by 100%. Increased Drive to Driven sheave ratio creates more torque to efficiently power through heavy impacts.


The asymmetrical pattern combined with alternating HIGH/LOW bits creates a much more aggressive and uniform exposure to the contaminated material being processed.

Comb Grate

The comb grate is set in the #1 position and the 3’’ cutouts add to the “comb” feature, increasing the cutting surface of each low bit. Allows the rotor more opportunity to process contaminated material.

R+ Grate Supports & Banana Bars

Grate supports contain three separate locations for Baffle Plate placement. Gives the operator the ability to customize how aggressively the ejected materials are presented to the belt.

Reinforced Baffle Plate

This baffle sees the full force of all material ejected from the rotor because of it’s placement in the #2 position of the grate supports. The standard ¾’’ steel plate has been strengthened with an additional supporting piece of ¾’’ hardened, Grade 80 steel, for heavier impacts.

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

Increased thickness of discharge belt to ½’’ provides longer wear life compared to the standard (3/8’’). Overall tinsel strength of 440PIW is double the standard to create a more puncture resistant surface for heavily ejected material.

Increased Discharge Conveyor Clearance

Facilitates a heavier loading of the belt and allows the system to carry away a larger sized material more efficiently. Dashed line indicates standard conveyor clearance; Red line indicates improved R+ conveyor clearance

Larger Shear Pin

Shear pin diameter on R+ machines is nearly double the standard pin. This allows dramatic increases to the amount of force needed to trip the Impact Release System, effectively reducing the number of redundant releases.

Urethane Cushion Blocks

Increased durometer allows the Impact Release System to absorb a harder hit without releasing.

R+ Package


Estimated Weights

6700 Series Machine Weight
97,500 lbs (44225 kg) 6700D
110,000 lbs (49895 kg) 6710D
5700 Series Machine Weight
90,000 lbs (40823 kg) 5700D
98,000 lbs (44452 kg) 5710D
4700 Series Machine Weight
84,000 lbs (381022 kg) 4710D
*Machine weight is estimated and varies based upon option equipment and machine configuration.


6700 Series Engine & Horsepower
Caterpillar C32 Tier II or Tier IVi, 1125 hp (839 kW)
5700 Series Engine & Horsepower
Caterpillar C27 Tier II or IV, 1050 hp (772 kW)
C32 Tier II or IV, 1125 hp (839 kW)
4700 Series Engine & Horsepower
Caterpillar C18 Tier IV, 755 hp (563 kW)


Rotor Speed
507 rpm (4700 Series)
575 rpm (5700 Series)
510 rpm (6700 Series)
Rotor Shaft Size
7.375" (4700 & 5700 Series)
8.625" (6700 Series)
Rotor Width
64" (4700 & 5700 Series)
69" (6700 Series)
Rotor Diameter
38" (965 mm) (4700 Series)
40" (102 mm) (5700 Series)
46.5" (118 mm) (6700 Series)
High Bit Size (width x height)
3.75" x 5” (9.5 cm X 12.7 cm) (4700 Series)
3" x 6.5" (7.6 x 16.5 cm) (5700 & 6700 Series)
Low Bit Size (width x height)
3.25" x 3.75” (8.3 cm X 9.5 cm)
Number of Bits
10 high & 10 low (4700 Series)
10 high & 8 low (5700 Series)
10 high & 10 low (6700 Series)


Comb Grate
Number of Grate Sections*
Total Grate Area*
1005 in² (64845 cm²) (4700 Series)
1016 in² (6555 cm²) (5700 Series)
510 rpm (6700 Series)
Grate Coverage*
47° (4700 Series)
46° (5700 & 6700 Series)
Grate Thickness
1.25" (32 mm) (4700 & 5700 Series)
1.5" (38 mm) (6700 Series)
*R+ tooled horizontal grinders have the same four grate positions available compared to traditional Peterson grinders. However, only one grate is installed leaving the remaining three positions to discharge material witout additional size reduction.

Discharge System

heavy duty, 1/2" thick
Conveyor Clearance
18" (457 mm) (4700 Series)
20" (508 mm) (5700 & 6700 Series)

4700 Series Production

400 yd³/132 US tons (306 m³/120 metric tons) per hour
360 yd³/87 US tons (275 m³/79 metric tons) per hour
400 yd³/80 US tons (306 m³/73 metric tons) per hour
400 yd³/80 US tons (306 m³/73 metric tons) per hour
300 yd³/80 US tons (272 m³/82 metric tons) per hour
Actual output may vary due to moisture content, material density, material size, support equipment, and grate size. Production rates are based on grinding 50 minutes per hour.

Specifications vary based on optional equipment and machine configuration and are subject to change without notice. Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment.

R+ Package


5000 cubic yard case study grinding C&D debris from hurricane Michael
5000 cubic yard case study (10-minute raw footage) C&D grinding
Peterson 4710D horizontal grinder with R+ package grinding C&D debris

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