BTR90 Blower Trailer

BTR90 Blower Trailer


With a Peterson BTR90 Blower Trailer, you can tackle an even wider range of projects, gain productivity, and boost your profitability.

The BTR90 Blower Trailer features the same high capacity delivery system as our popular blower trucks, but with more advantages from a self-contained power unit:

  • Gain more available system power through a directly linked engine and blower
  • Cut operational costs over a dedicated truck by moving the BTR with a tractor.

The feed system is designed to yield several advantages:

  • Our front-of-hopper feed loading system has both top and rear door access, eliminating the need for a larger, more expensive loader. In addition, the unit can operate while simultaneously being loaded, or even when the trailer is being moved
  • A high-capacity Tri-lobe blower provides increased airflow and production, and larger diameter hoses provide added protection against clogging, enabling you to deliver a wider range of materials each day
  • The BTR90 Blower Trailer provides easy change-over for either left or right side material discharge—a crucial function on many jobs, such as for roadway improvements.

These benefits plus the BTR’s lightweight aluminum construction, which yields increased payload capacity, make the BTR90 Blower Trailer a smart investment for your landscape business.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.

BTR90 Blower Trailer


Precise Material Metering

Peterson’s high capacity walking floor moves material to the rear of the truck where our innovative auger and tines design prevents bridging and smooth, consistent feeding for even product distribution.

Interior Mounted Storage Reel For Easy Handling

Accessible through a conveniently located access hatch, the interior mounted hydraulically-driven storage reel makes for easy set-up and service.

Equipped With A State-of-the-Art IQAN Control System

Easily obtain information about operations and diagnostics from the control screen. Fine-tune adjustments for maximum productivity.

Operate The BTR90 Remotely From Arms Reach

Fully-functional remote control operates the entire system, enabling a single-person operation. Pause and resume with a push of a button!

Custom Graphics Packages

Peterson offers custom graphics packages to make your blower trailer stand out. Customized for your company’s brand and logo. Multiple designs to choose from, including fully customized option

BTR90 Blower Trailer



48' (1463 cm)
Standard 8’ 6” (259 cm)
Optional 8’ (244 cm)
13’ (396 cm)
Height to Rail
13’ 6” (411 cm)
Box Height
9' (274 cm)
5th Wheel Height
4’ (122 cm)
Front to 5th Wheel
18” (46 cm)
Axle Spacing
49” (124 cm)

Weight (Empty, with Fluids and Typical Options)

28,000 lbs (12701 kg)

GCVW & Estimate Payload

2-Axle GCVW
77,700 lbs (35244 kg)
2-Axle Estimated Payload
32,800 lbs (14878 kg)
3-Axle GCVW
86,000 lbs (39009 kg)
3-Axle Estimated Payload
40,000 lbs (18144 kg)


Standard Suspension
Air Ride, Fixed, Tandem
Optional Suspension
Air Ride, Fixed, Tridem
Air Ride, Slider, Tandem
Air Ride, Slider, Tridem
Axle Limit
25,000 lbs (11340 kg) each
22.5 x 8.25 Polished Aluminum


Caterpillar C-7.1 Tier IV
225 hp at 2100 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity
150 gal (568 L)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
85 gal (322 L)

Blower System

Forced Air Output
2100 CFM (987 dm³/s) at 2700 Blower RPM
Continuous Blowing Pressure
Up to 15 psi (1.05 bars)
Large Capacity Intake Filter/Silencer
Large CapacityDischarge Silencer


includes “One Touch” Control Technology


up to 28,000 lbs (12700 kg) per hour
up to 60 yds³ (46 m³) per hour
Standard Discharge Hose Length
320 ft (98 m)
5" (127 mm)
optional 4" (100 mm)
optional 6" (152 mm)
Noise Level with Discharge Silencer
87 dB at 23" (7 m)
Actual result may vary due to product and terrain variables

Safety Features

Emergency Shut Down
configuration varies per model
High Oil Temp. and Low Oil Shut Down
Feeder Lock-Out Access
from front of trailer
ABS Trailer Brakes

Standard Features

Aluminum Box Construction with Steel Substructures
Hallco 4000 Series TopSeal™
Enclosed Powered Hose Reel
front of trailer
Air Scale for Rear Air Suspension
Viewing Windows
front and rear of material hopper
Access Ladder
front of trailer
right or left
Tool Box
60" (152 cm)


Hose Reel
Water Pump
300 gal (1136 L) Water Tank
290 gal (1098 L) on 8' wide trailer
1 or 2 Supplemental Injection Systems
Grass Seed, Fertilizer, and/or Microblend™
Strobe Light for Roadside Work
front and rear mounted
Additional Tool Box
60" (152 cm)
48" (122 cm)
Some options not available in combination due to space constraints

Specifications subject to change without notice.

BTR90 Blower Trailer


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