6800 Chain Flail Debarker

6800 Chain Flail Debarker


The Peterson 6800 Chain Flail Debarker is a dedicated chain flail debarking machine designed for long-stem chipping operations that require low bark or ash content.  

Designed for multiple stems, or trees up to 30-inches (76 mm) in diameter, the 6800 quickly and effectively debarks even the hardest feedstock.
The fully enclosed Caterpillar C18 engine rated at 765 hp (570 kW), has the power to drive the 3 fail drums. A 4th flail is also available as an option. The two lower flails are fixed in location, and the upper flails float to match log diameter. The 10-link flail chain is easily replaced through access doors.

The large 60-inch (152 cm) wide, by 30-inch (76 cm) tall feed opening makes loading the 6800 Chain Flail Debarker easy.

Two floating feed heads, and five fixed lower feed rolls control the log through the debarking chamber, and two rolls assist the stems to exit the machine. The massive bark pusher removes the debarked debris to the side of the machine and can be configured to exit on either side depending on the needs of your operation.

The 6800 Chain Flail Debarker is controlled by an IQAN operating system, which provides the operator with all critical engine and performance parameters. When paired with the Peterson 6910, the operator can control both machines.

6800 Chain Flail Debarker


Easy-to-Service Chain Flails and Replaceable Wear Liners

Upper and lower chain flails strip bark and limbs from the stems, replaceable UHMW wear liners protect the flail housing sidewalls.

Powerful Gear Boxes

The 6800 utilizes high torque gearboxes to drive the upper and lower chain flails—providing 30% more torque than the previous model for efficient bark and branch removal.

High Capacity Bark Pusher

The Bark Pusher has a 12’ x 24” wide opening  with a 10 second stroke moves the bark and limbs efficiently from the debarking chamber.

6800 Chain Flail Debarker



13' -9½" (421 cm)
Operating Width
16'-5" (501 cm)
Travel Width
10'-10" (330 cm)
5th Wheel Height
4' -4½" (134 cm)
5th Wheel to Center Axle
36'-7" (1115 cm)
Front to 5th Wheel
2'-7" (79 cm)
5th Wheel to Landing Gear
10'-7" (845 cm)
Axle Spacing
5' (152 cm)

Weight (with 4 flails)

Total Weight*
98,000 lbs (44 500 kg)
Fifth Wheel Weight
48,000 lbs (21 800 kg)
Tridem Axle Weight
50,000 lbs (22 700 kg)
*approximate depending on configuration


Caterpillar C18 or Tier IV C18
765 hp (570 kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity
330 gal (1249 L)
Main Hydraulic Tank Capacity
365 gal (1382 L)

Feed System

Maximum Log Diameter
28" (71 cm)
Feed Opening
60” wide x 30” tall
Direct Drive Feed Rolls with Comb
Smooth Plate Discharge with Lower Feed Roll
Feed Height
55½" (141 cm)
Discharge Height
55½" (141 cm)
Feed Speed Range
up to 210 ft/min (64 m/min)
Two Direct Drive Lower Fixed Roll Case Rollers


Optional Wireless Link with Peterson Chipper
Display In Cab

Delimber | Debarker

One Upper Floating Flail
Two Lower Fixed Flails
Flail Drum Diameter
12” (30 cm)
Flail Rods/drum
5⁄8” (16 mm) x 10 links x 90
Drive Type
100 to 550 rpm
End Discharge Bark Pusher
12 x 24” (366 x 61 cm)

Optional Equipment

Fourth Upper Floating Flail (parallel lift)
Eucalyptus Flail Drums
Drag Chain Discharge
Cold Weather Kits
Electric or Diesel Fired
Fire Suppression System
Manual or Automatic
Night Operation Lights
Export Fifth Wheel Pin
Black Urethane Flail Liners
Four Direct Drive Lower Fixed Roll Case Rollers

Specifications subject to change without notice.

6800 Chain Flail Debarker


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