6710D Horizontal Grinder

Track mounting makes grinding more efficient just about anywhere.

6710D Horizontal Grinder


The 6710D Horizontal Grinder is Peterson’s largest grinder, and is designed for operations that need the most durable, highest output machine. Powered by a 1125hp (839 Kw) Tier IV, Caterpillar C32 engine (or an export only Tier II engine), the 6710D is designed for the toughest jobs. With a feed opening of 50 x 66 inches (127 x 168 cm), the 6710D can even process large stumps that used to be reserved for tub grinders. The grinder is particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired. Track mounting also reduces material handling costs in conventional recycling yards as well.

With the R+ package, the 6710D Horizontal Grinder can be configured as a mid-speed grinder to handle heavily contaminated piles, and easily converts back to a high speed grinder for typical land clearing operations.

Peterson’s three-stage grinding process with an up turning rotor and large grate area enables the 6710D Horizontal Grinder to produce materials to exact specifications. Our quick change multiple grate system makes it easy to customize grate configurations to produce a wide variety of finished materials. Grates are removed through an enlarged access door on the side wall.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.

6710D Horizontal Grinder


3-Stage Grinding Process Provides Faster Reduction

Peterson’s powerful up-turn 3-stage grinding process provides better fracturing of material and a more consistent product, giving you just the product your buyers are looking for.

The Impact Release System Protects Your Investment

Peterson’s patented Impact Release System’s air bags provides uniform grinding and protection from contaminated feedstock, a feature unique to Peterson grinders.

The Second Line of Defense: The Impact Cushion System

Urethane cushions and shear pins help protect the mill from catastrophic damage in the event of a severe impact from contaminants in the feedstock.

Heavy-Duty Feed Chains

Features heavy duty feed chains to ensure a lasting product.

Use Peterson Bits for The Best Quality Product

Peterson offers a wide variety of durable, long-lasting bits to enable you to produce exactly the products your customers demand.

Use Peterson Grates for The Best Quality Product

Peterson offers a wide variety of durable, long-lasting grates to enable you to produce exactly the products your customers demand.

The 6710D standard drum rotor.

The 6710D comes standard with a robust drum rotor.

The 6710D optional pinned rotor.

The 6710D can also come equipped with an optional pinned rotor for tougher or contaminated materials.

6710D Horizontal Grinder



Operating Length
60’ 11” (1857 cm)
Operating Width
12’ 3” (374 cm)
Operating Height
16’ 11” (515 cm)
Travel Length
49’ 0" (1493 cm)
Travel Width
12’ 0” (364 cm)
Travel Height
11’ 1” (338 cm)
Hopper Length
15’ 6” (472 cm)
Hopper Height
8’ 2” (428 cm)
Front to Track Length
17’ 3” (525 cm)
Clearance Height
18” (46 cm)
Angle of Approach


Machine Weight*
108,500 lbs (48.987 kg)
*Weight varies depending on machine configuration and optional equipment


Caterpillar C32 Tier IV, 1125 hp (839 kW)
Caterpillar C32 Tier II, 1125 hp (839 kW)(export only)
PT Tech HPT015FX
Fuel Tank Capacity
414 US gal (1567 L)
Main Hydraulic Tank Capacity
95 US gal (360 L)


triple grouser, 28” (70 cm) wide
Travel Speed
1.0/1.7 mph (1.6/2.7 kph)
Ground Pressure
12.1 lbs/in2 (83.4 kPa)

System Controls

Peterson Adaptive Control System
Remote Control
Peterson+ Analytics

Feed System

9.9 yd³ (7.75 m³)
5 sections, hopper width
Feed Conveyor Width
5' 6” (168 cm)
Feed Opening (width x height)
66" x 50” (168 x 127 cm)
66” x 65” (168 x 165 cm)
Compression Roll Diameter (tip to tip)
42” (107 cm)


Rotor Shaft Size
6 5⁄8" (17 cm) @ bearing, 7 1⁄2 " (19 cm) @ center
6400 to 10000 fpm (1951 to 3048 mpm) @ 2100 rpm (engine)
Rotor Width
69" (176 cm)
Rotor Diameter
47" (118 cm)
Bit Size (width x height)
3 x 635" (76.2 mm x 165.1 mm)
Number of Bits


Number of Grate Sections
Total Grate Area
5253 in² (33890 cm²)
Grate Coverage
Grate Thickness
1.5" (38 mm)

Discharge System

60" (152 cm)
Discharge Conveyor Height
16' 9" (511 cm)
Conveyor Speed
500, 600, or 700 fpm (152,183, or 213 mpm)

Production-C32 1125hp Tier II or Tier IVi

583 yd³/170 US tons (446 m³/154 metric tons) per hour
653 yd³/111 US tons (499 m³/101 metric tons) per hour
Actual output may vary due to moisture, material density, material size, support equipment, and grate size. Production rates are based on grinding 50 minutes per hour.

Optional Equipment

requires crossbelt magnet
Cold Weather Kit
LED Work Lights

Specifications vary based on optional equipment and machine configuration and are subject to change without notice. Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment.

6710D Horizontal Grinder


Orchard Removal

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