5050H Electric Whole Tree Chipper

5050H Electric Whole Tree Chipper


The stationary, electric Peterson 5050H Delimber Debarker Disc Chipper produces high quality low bark content chips for wood pulp and pellets, processing whole trees in one continuous operation. Equipped with a large feed throat, the 5050H can accept up to a 23-inch (56 cm) diameter single tree or multiple smaller stems.

The 5050H can be configured with a three or four pocket disc, with several optional sheave sizes to make precisely the chip you need.

The standard three-pocket disc produces chips from ⅝ to 1 ¼ inches (16–32 mm) long, while the optional four-pocket disc produces chips from ½ to 1 inches (13–25 mm) long.

Chipping production rates up to 150 tons (136 tonnes) per hour can be achieved depending on chip size and wood characteristics.

Peterson’s heavy-duty 66-inch diameter, 4 ¾ inch thick (168 x 12 cm) chipper disc has replaceable ½ inch (13 mm) wear plates.

Traditional babbitt-type knives or Key Knife components are available.

The stationary 5050H can be configured from 600 to 1000 hp (447–745 kW) at the disc depending on the needs of your application. An additional 600 hp (447 kW) electric motor powers the needs of the hydraulic system.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.


5050H Electric Whole Tree Chipper


The IQAN Control System Features A Large Display

The 5050H’s crusher-duty electric motors have a rugged cast-iron frame and feature dynamically balanced die-cast aluminum rotors for durability and long wear.


Easy-to-Service Chain Flails and Replaceable Wear Liners

Upper and lower chain flails strip bark and limbs from the stems, replaceable UHMW wear liners protect the flail housing sidewalls.

Two Chipper Disc and Knife Systems Available

Peterson Disc Chippers come with three or four pocket, 66” (167 cm) diameter chipper discs with traditional Babbitted knife systems, or Key Knife™ systems.

A High Visibility, Weatherized Cab Meets OSHA Standards

Ergonomic joystick controls provide precise control of the two-section knuckle-boom log loader. Topend-loading, or high rotation long spouts are available.

5050H Electric Whole Tree Chipper



Operating Length
54' 7" (1664 cm)
Operating Width
15' 2" (462 cm)
Operating Height
20' 10" (635 cm)
Travel Length
52' 9" (1608 cm)
Travel Width
11' 9" (358 cm)
Travel Height (not shown)
13' 6 (411 cm)
Frame Length
50' 9" (1547 cm)
Front to 5th Wheel
1' 8" (51 cm)
5th Wheel to Center Axle
41' 9" (1271 cm)
Axle Spacing
60" (152 cm)
5th Wheel Height
4' 2" (126 cm)
Ground Clearance
13" (33 cm)


Tri-Axle Weight
59,960 lbs (27 197 kg)
5th Wheel Weight*
45,000 lbs (20 412 kg)
Total Weight*
103,500 lbs (46 947 kg)
*Varies based on optional equipment and machine configuration


Electric Power
USA: 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase
Europe: 400 VAC, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Canada: 575 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase
Disc Motors
Crusher Duty, 1x 600 hp (447 kW)
Crusher Duty, 2x 400 hp (597 kW)
Crusher Duty, 2x 500 hp (745 kW)
Hydraulic Motor*
Pump Duty, 1x 600 hp (447 kW)
Main Hydraulic Tank Capacity
300 gal (1135 L)
*Does not include soft start and switching gear

Feed System

Maximum Log Diameter
23" (56 cm)
Feed Opening
53" w x 24" (133 x 61 cm)
Dual with Floating Top Rolls
Lower Feed Rolls
7 Powered
64 to 170 ft/min

Log Loader

Knuckle Boom
2-section, 26' 10" (818 cm)
360° rotation, 42" (107 cm)
Lift Capacity
11,851 lbs (5376 kg) at 15' (457 cm)
two lever electronic joystick

Delimber/Debarker Flail

single lower and dual floating upper
Drum Diameter
11" (27 cm)
Flail Rods
6 per drum
Flail Chains per Drum
78 chains, 8 links each
Drive Type
400 to 700 rpm
120" x 24" (305 x 61 cm)


heavy duty, 66" (168 cm) diameter
3 or 4 pockets
Knife System
Babbitt or Key Knife
hydraulic swivel
top or end load
Chip Size
½" to 1 ¼" (13 to 32 mm)

System Controls

Operator's Cab
weatherized, air conditioned
Cab Console Controls
log loader, flail, chipper
Control Program
Siemens or Allen Bradley

Optional Equipment*

High Rotation Long Spout
Cold Weather Kits
Auxiliary Air Compressor
Fire Suppression System (manual and automatic)
Canadian Travel Harness
Additional Lower Flail with Optional Positions
Lower and Upper Chain Curtain
Black Urethane Flail Liners
Night Operation Lights
*Optional equipment may affect dimensions and weight

Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment. Specifications subject to change without notice.

5050H Electric Whole Tree Chipper


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