4800F Chain Flail Debarker

The industry standard for removing bark for clean pulp and paper chips.

4800F Chain Flail Debarker


Continuing Peterson’s long history of innovation, the 4800F Chain Flail Debarker is the 6th generation design and has all the features that clean chip operations demand.

The Peterson 4800F Chain Flail Debarker multiple log delimber/debarker is designed to be used in tandem with whole tree chippers to produce high quality pulp chips. Capable of processing multiple logs from 2 to 23 inches (5–58 cm) in diameter, the 4800F increases productivity while reducing bark content, product handling time, and fiber loss.

Powered by a 350 HP (261 kW) CAT C9 Tier III or Tier IV engine, the 4800F meets all US, Canadian, and European Union emission regulations.  Equipped with a dedicated 135 gallon (511 l) hydraulic oil tank, and a 175 gallon (662 l) fuel tank to allow the 4800F to run an entire shift without fill-up.

The 4800F Chain Flail Debarker features upper and lower flails, direct drive lower in-feed and out-feed rolls, and a floating direct drive upper feed roll. The high capacity bark pusher has been redesigned and is now 5 feet (1.5 m) wide.

With a retractable gooseneck, the highway legal 4800F is easily moved between jobs. The four fixed landing gear (with floating pads) allow for adjustable operating height. The 4800F links wirelessly with the 5900E disc chipper for singular control of feed functions.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.

4800F Chain Flail Debarker


Easy-to-Service Chain Flails and Replaceable Wear Liners

Upper and lower chain flails strip bark and limbs from the stems, replaceable UHMW wear liners protect the flail housing sidewalls.

Powerful Gear Boxes

The 4800F utilizes high torque gearboxes to drive the upper and lower chain flails—providing 30% more torque than the previous model for efficient bark and branch removal.

IQAN Operating System

The robust and reliable IQAN operating system is easy to use and is weatherproof for the most extreme environments, providing self-diagnostics and engine and system parameters.

High Capacity Bark Pusher

The Bark Pusher has a 60” (152 cm) by 193/4” wide opening with a 10 second stroke moves the bark and limbs efficiently from the debarking chamber.

4800F Chain Flail Debarker



Operating Length
23'-4 1/4" (7.1 m)
Operating/Travel Width
9'-10" (300 cm)
Operating Height
9'-6" (290 cm)
Travel Length
30'-5" (9.3 m)
5th Wheel Height
49 1/2" (125 cm)
Ground Clearance (Front)
10 5⁄8" (27 cm)
Ground Clearance (Rear)
10 3/4" (27 cm)
Axle Spacing
49 1/2" (125 cm)
5th Wheel to Front
74 3/4" (190 cm)
5th Wheel to Center Axle
23'-3 1/2" (7.1 m)
Operating Height (Gooseneck folded up–Not shown)
11'-7" (3.5 m)


Total Weight
44,000 lbs (19 958 kg)
5th Wheel Weight
11,080 lbs (5 025 kg)
Tandem Axle Weight
31,580 lbs (14 325 kg)


CAT C9.3 Tier 3 or Tier IV
350 HP (261 kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity
175 gal (662 L)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
135 gal (511 L)

Feed System

Maximum Log Diameter
Feed Opening
52 1/2" (133 cm) x 23" (58 cm)
Floating Direct Drive Upper Feed Roll
Direct Drive Lower Fixed In & Out Feed Rolls
Feed Height
55" (140 cm)
Outfeed Height
62" (157 cm)
up to 155 ft/min (47 m/min)


Upper and Lower Flail Drums
Hydraulic Upper Flail Float
Flail Drum Diameter
10½" (27 cm)
Flail Rods/Drum
5⁄8" (16 mm) x 8 links x 78
Drive Type
400 to 600 rpm
End Discharge Bark Pusher
60" (152 cm) x 19 3/4" (50 cm)


Optional Equipment

Electric Cold Weather Kit
Night Operation Lights
Export 5th Wheel Pin
Super Single Tires
Auto Engine Reversing Fan
Wireless Link to Peterson 5900E

Specifications subject to change without notice.

4800F Chain Flail Debarker


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