4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper

4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper


The mounted 4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper is suited for high volume biomass producers who have a wide variety of feed material from brush and small feed stock to logs up to 24 inches (61 cm) in diameter. The 4310B is powered by a 765 horsepower (570 kW) C18 Caterpillar engine. At 58,500 pounds (26 535 kg), the track mounted 4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper is designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs.

The chipper utilizes a 36 inch diameter by 44¾ inch (91 by 114 cm) wide drum with either 6 or 12 knife pockets. Traditional babbitt type knife systems are standard equipment. Chip length can be set from 1⁄8 to 1¼ inch (3 to 32 mm) depending on rotor and knife configuration. Peterson’s chip accelerator system, adds load density, or throws chips well away from the machine for land clearing operations.

With a ground clearance of 2’-10 1/8” (86 cm), the Highwalker makes it easy to traverse even the most rugged terrain.

Other key features include a hydraulic clutch, sloped feed deck for ease of feeding the chipper, and wear resistant AR 450 wear surfaces on the drum pockets and shell. Optional material sizing grates further reduce oversize twigs and branches in the chips, and an optional chip accelerator helps with loading.

The 4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper comes equipped with a wireless remote transmitter, putting control in the palm of your hand.

The end load spout is standard, and an optional top loading spout is available.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.

4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper


The Adaptive Control System Features Intuitive Interfaces

The Adaptive Control System’s large display provides information to make chips more efficiently. On-screen maintenance instructions and self-diagnostics features increase your up-time.

Aggressive Feeding System

A sloped feed deck and three strands of WHD 120 feed chain, paired with an aggressive feed roll make loading the 4310 series easy in all types of material.

Knife Assemblies: At The Heart Of The Chipper

Produced from the highest quality alloy chromium steel, heavy-duty Peterson knife assemblies achieve uniform production of wood chips with high accepts and minimal losses.

Select From 6 or12-Pocket Drum Styles

Featuring durable AR450 wear surfaces, the 4310B comes standard with a 6-pocket drum rotor with one Babbitted knife per pocket. A 12-pocket drum rotor is available for chipping microchips.

Open Feed Deck

The feed deck has openings on it to allow rocks and other material to slide through the feed deck, prolonging the knife life on the machine.

Single Grouser Tracks

Aggressive single grouser tracks allow the machine to track into very rough or steep terrain with a sure grip.

Increased Ground Clearance

The “Highwalker” package increases ground clearance to allow for better clearance over rough terrain.

Superior Product Sizing

Peterson’s secondary grate system provides ultra-consistent chip sizing; twigs and small stems which can be difficult to size are easily fractured through our innovative system.

4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper


Dimensions–End Load Spout

Operating Length
30'-5 3/8" (928 cm)
Travel/Operating Height
12'-0" (366 cm)
Width with 500 mm track pads
10'-7" (323 cm)
Width with optional 600 mm track pads
11' (333 cm)
Front Ground Clearance
3'-3" (100 cm)
Rear Ground Clearance
2'-8" (81 cm)
Front Clearance Angle
20 degree
Rear Clearance Angle
17 degree
Front Overhang
7'-7 3/4" (233 cm)
Rear Overhang
9'-0" (274 cm)
Feed Deck Length
8'-2" (249 cm)
Feed Deck Width
8'-2" (249 cm)
Feed Deck Front Height
5'-2" (157 cm)
Feed Width
3'-5" (103 cm)
Frame Length
29'-4 1/2" (895 cm)


Weight (approximate depending on options)
58,500-65,000 lbs (26 535- 29 483 kg)
Ground Pressure with 500 mm Track Pads (65,000 lbs machine)
12.4 lbs/in² (0.87 kg/cm²)
Ground Pressure with Optional 600 mm Track Pads (65,000 lbs machine)
10.3 lbs/in² (0.72 kg/cm²)


765 hp (570 kW) Caterpillar C18
PT Tech HPTO 14 FX
Fuel Tank Capacity
280 gallons (1060 L)
Main Hydraulic Tank Capacity
110 gallons (416 L)


Feed System

Drag Chain
3 Sections, WHD 120, 36 3/4" wide (93 cm)
24" high x 40 1/2" wide (61 x 103 cm)
28" diameter (71 cm)
Up to 120 ft/min (3657 cm/min)


6 or 12 pocket, 36" diameter x 44 3/4" wide (91 x 114 cm)

Grate System with Chip Accelerator
Auxiliary Air Compressor
Multiple Knife Options
1⁄8 to 1¼ inch (3 to 32 mm) Chip Length
Track Pads


60 to 120 tons per hour (59 to 109 metric tonnes)*
*depending on wood species, chip size, and moisture content.

Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

4310B Highwalker Tracked Chipper


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