3310B Drum Chipper

A big chipper in a small package.

3310B Drum Chipper


Peterson’s 3310B Drum Chipper is a radical departure from traditional drum chippers.
With a 540 hp (402 kW) Tier III or Tier IV Caterpillar engine, the 3310B has the power to handle up to 24-inch (61 cm) diameter logs. With large access doors on both sides of the machine for serviceability,  the fully enclosed engine compartment keeps things clean.

The 3310B’s transverse design allows for a much smaller operations deck, providing flexible production configurations in diverse terrain. With 230-degrees of rotation, the end-load or optional top-load spout design allows trailers to be loaded in a variety of positions, depending on the demands of the job site.

Using the proven drum and knife design from the larger 4300-series drum chippers, the 3310B’s main components are robust and offer long life.

The 3310B is available with a four-pocket drum for typical biomass chips, or an eight-pocket drum for microchipping applications. The chips exit the machine from an innovative auger system which feeds an accelerator to increase payload density.

The 3310B is available with an optional powered feed deck, allowing for shorter stems and tops. Both the powered- and standard fixed feed deck can be stowed for transportation purposes.

3310B Drum Chipper


Optional Powered Feed Deck

The 3310B is available with an optional powered feed deck, allowing for shorter stems and tree tops.Both the powered- and standard fixed feed deck can be stowed for transportation purposes.

Transverse Material Feeding

The side-fed machine with stow-away feed deck makes the machine more compact and maneuverable on the landing.

Superior Product Sizing

Peterson’s grate system provides ultra-consistent chip sizing; twigs and small stems which can be difficult to size are easily fractured through our innovative system.

Innovative Anvil Design

The robust, two-sided anvil is easily serviced through an access panel from ground level. Adjusting the anvil position can be completed by one person in a matter of minutes.

Heavy-Duty Knife Assemblies

Produced from the highest quality alloy chromium steel, heavy-duty Peterson knife assemblies achieve uniform production of wood chips with high accepts and minimal losses.

4- or 8-Pocket Drums Available

Featuring durable AR400 wear surfaces, the 3310 comes standard with a 4-pocket drum rotor with one babbitted knife per pocket. An 8-pocket drum rotor is available for chipping microchips.

Rotating Discharge Spout

The 230° rotating spout allows for loading chips from any direction—providing job site flexibility.

3310B Drum Chipper



Operating Length
20' 11" (638 cm)
Operating Height
13' 0" (396 cm)
Operating Width
17' 1" (521 cm)
Travel Length
21' 11" (668 cm)
Travel Height
10' 3" (312 cm)
Travel Width
8' 5" (257 cm)
Front Ground Clearance
1' 7" (50 cm)
Rear Ground Clearance
1' 6" (45 cm)
Front Clearance Angle
Rear Clearance Angle
Front Overhang
3' 8" (112 cm)
Rear Overhang
2' 4" (70 cm)
Feed Deck Length
6' 6" (198 cm)
Feed Deck Width
5' 3" (160 cm)
Feed Deck Height
3' 7" 109 cm)
Frame Length
19' 0" (579 cm)
Measurements are for machine configuration with end load spout and powered feed deck.


Machine Weight
40,000 lbs (18 144 kg)
Varies based on optional equipment and machine configuration.


Caterpillar C15 Tier III
Caterpillar C15 Tier IV
540 hp (402 kW)
PT Tech SCT2500
Fuel Tank Capacity
175 gallons (662 L)
Main Hydraulic Tank Capacity
85 gallons (322 L)
DEF Tank Capacity (Tier IV Only)
12 gallons (45 L)


Track Type
Track Width
16" (40 cm)
Travel Speed
1.0/2.0 mph (1.6/3.2 kph)
Ground Pressure
11.2 psi (77.2 kPa)

System Controls

Feed System

24" h x 28" w (61 x 71 cm)
Drag Chain
5 sections, WDH124
up to 160 ft/min (4876 cm/min)


Drum Size
36" dia x 32" w (91 x 81 cm)
4 or 8 pockets


Chip Output*
60 to 100 tons/hour (54 400 to 90 700 kg)
*Actual output may vary due to wood species, chip size, moisture content, and support equipment. Production rates are based on operating 50 minutes/hour.

Optional Equipment*

Multiple Knife Options
1⁄4" to 1¼" (6 to 32 mm) chip lengths
LED Work Lights
Fixed Feed Deck with Wings
Optional equipment effects dimensions, weight, and ground pressure.

Measurements are rounded to the nearest whole increment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

3310B Drum Chipper


Can your chipper do this?
Peterson 3310B Drum Chipper
Peterson 3310B Drum Chipper in Action!
Peterson 3310 Drum Chipper in big wood

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