Mulch is a protective layer of material applied to the surface soil, and may be used for a variety of applications.

  • conserve moisture
  • provide weed control
  • regulate soil temperature
  • promote soil fertility
  • boost landscape appearance
  • prevent soil erosion

Often made from bark, low value trees (non-merchantable stems) or wood waste, it can be made from a variety of materials, typically organic, but not exclusively. Organic mulches are typically a product that can decompose providing nutrients to the soil over time. Not all mulch materials are available commercially. Materials include:

  • bark
  • wood chips
  • leaves & grass clippings
  • mint compost
  • hay & straw
  • seed & nut hulls/shells (coconut, pecan, hazelnut, etc)
  • rubber
  • manure
  • compost