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Anvil Breaker Grate

The Anvil Breaker Grate is a Peterson innovation which can be used for grinding asphalt shingles or waste wood for mulch.

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Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and may be made from single source material or blended for specific application performance.

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Feed Tailgate
[Tail Boot]

The optional feed tailgate is used in a mulch regrind application to allow the ground material to recirculate back to the mill.

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High Tip Bucket
[Roll-Out Bucket]

A High Tip Bucket is an attachment that is used on a wheel loader which allows for increased dump height i.e.

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Mulch is a protective layer of material applied to the surface soil, and may be used for a variety of applications.

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[Two-Pass Grinding]

In most cases, a two-pass grinding process is more economical than a one-pass grinding process.

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Scrap Wood
[Wood Waste]

Scrap Wood can be defined as pallets, lumber residuals, etc. This is usually dimensional lumber that has been damaged, or is too small to re-use.

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