Peterson Manufacturing
Peterson manufacturing has developed and implemented an optimum process for burning grates which insures maximum steel hardness so you can be confident your grates will hold up under the most extreme grinding conditions. And, our new CNC operated 1250Ton Press Brake streamlines the bumping process which forms the grates to insure an exact radius so your Peterson grates fit every time. Dependable quality and consistent fit are the trademarks of a finely crafted Peterson grate. Our customers demand quality replacement parts and that’s what we deliver…quality OEM replacement parts at a fair price.

Peterson AR400 & AR500 Grates
Grates are a critical component to the success of your grinding operation and gambling the profitability of your business on inexpensive, poorly manufactured grates will cost you time and money in the long run. High performance Peterson grates provide exceptional value for the money. Offered in AR400 and AR500 steel, our grates hold up under the most abrasive grinding conditions. And we stock a large selection of grates at our Factory in Eugene, Oregon and our EDC Parts Warehouse in Columbia, South Carolina so you are never more than three days away by LTL Freight.

Peterson Breaker Grates
The innovative Peterson Breaker grate will add value to your grinding operation. This unique grate utilizes a series of chromium carbide strips welded to the inside of the grate to assist in reducing feed material. The 1” round Breaker Grate is ideal for use in the highly abrasive asphalt shingle grinding application. Not only does this grate produce an acceptable end product in a single pass, this grate has been documented to wear for over 1,000 hours when the proper amount of water is introduced into the mill. When grinding wood for mulch, Peterson offers a 2” or 3” square. In this application, the chromium carbide strips help minimize the mulch producer’s nemesis…spearing.