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Forest Machines Wood Production, LLC

Forest Machines Wood Production has been in business trading with Russia since 1994. We specialize in exporting forestry equipment to Russia. We also import selected wood products from Russia. Our many years of business experience in the Russian Federation have enabled us to create stable logistical supply lines for equipment, spare parts, and products to and from the most remote regions of the Russian Far East as well as to major cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Some companies may be able to ship machinery to Russia, but FMWP is able to provide full service for all your equipment needs. We are able to deliver spare parts to the Far East in seven days in most cases. Our ability to provide this excellent service to our valued customers distinguishes us as a leader in equipment exports to the Russian Far East.

Peterson Specialists

Yuri V. Pantioukhin

Title: President
Location: USA
Phone: +1 (541) 342-3068


2457 Devon Avenue Eugene, Oregon, USA 97408

Phone/Fax:  +(1).541.342.3068

112-305, Dubrovinskogo str. Krasnoyarsk 660000 Russia

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