Corporate Staff

Corporate Staff:

Jill Schlosser

Purchasing Manager

Phone: 541.689.6520
Eugene, Oregon

Paul Clark

Engineering Manager

Phone: 541.607.7901
Eugene, Oregon

Robert Crist

Director of Operational Excellence

Cell: 541.501.5669
Eugene, Oregon

Dawn Greene

Director of Manufacturing Operations

Direct: 541.607.1309
Cell: 541.501.2918
Eugene, Oregon

Jody Jobanek-Suiter

Human Resources Manager

Direct:  541.607.7919
Eugene, Oregon

Mark Jewell

Director of Finance

Direct: 541-607-1308
Cell: 541-735-5771
Eugene, Oregon

Brian Gray

VP of Sales, Marketing & Product Support

Cell: (540) 529.5019
Vinton, Virginia

Michael Spreadbury

Director of Marketing and Publications

Direct: 541.607.7911
Cell: 541.255.6376
Eugene, Oregon

Sparky Maddox

Service Manager

Prod Spt: 888.813.0712
Cell: 541.912.1644
Eugene, Oregon