Choose the Right Grinder Tool
Selecting the proper tool for any job requires knowledge and Peterson is here to help educate you. Peterson grinders can take on a wide variety of feed stock which can vary in composition, shape, and size. For this reason, Peterson offers an extensive selection of grinder tools to match the wide variety of feed stock. Consult our Grinder Tooling Application Guide (PDF) and learn which tools work best for the material you choose to grind. The right tool will lower your operating costs and put more money in your pocket.

Peterson’s High Abrasion Bit
The Peterson High Abrasion Bit is the foremost bit on the market today for grinding asphalt shingles. This grinder bit utilizes a forged steel base welded to a cast-carbide face which provides superior wear and fracture resistance. No other grinder bit compares in wear life and production. If you are serious about making money grinding shingles and you don’t want to spend your valuable time changing out grinder bits at the end of each shift, invest your money in the best choice for high abrasion applications.

Half & Full Pallet Bit Program
Peterson offers you savings on volume purchases of grinder tooling when you order in half pallet (18 boxes) or full pallet (36 boxes) quantities. The savings are significant since you not only receive a discounted sale price on your grinder bits, but Peterson will also pay your shipping costs. The free freight alone will save you anywhere from $1 to $3 per bit. So take advantage of this program and save on the tools designed specifically for Peterson grinders. Considering production, fuel efficiency, and wear life, you won’t find a more cost effective bit on the market.