Storm Debris Cleanup

Storm Debris Waste Recycling

Each year natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, or floods occur and the inevitable storm debris cleanup needs to take place to restore affected areas back to normal. This type of debris can be green waste, such as tree limbs, furniture, drywall or entire houses that have to be demolished due to storm damage.

In many cases, this type of debris is collected into a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) managed temporary Debris Management Site (DMS) and the material is sorted for recycling or reduction. Material reduction is typically done with a horizontal grinder, since tub grinders can be too dangerous due to their tendency to throw un-grindable material out of top of the grinder, endangering on site personnel and  houses near the debris management sites.

Peterson Can Help You Weather the Storm

Peterson horizontal grinders are ideal for storm debris cleanup. Our horizontal grinder design allows for easy feeding of odd shaped material, without the dangers found in typical tub grinder designs. Our heavy duty, up-turn rotor allows for precise fracturing of the material, and output material can be appropriately sized using our four-grate system.

The 5710D Peterson horizontal grinders with the R+ package is an ideal tool for primary reduction of Storm Debris material. R+ equipped Peterson horizontal grinders turn the rotor at a slower speed and have heavier components to handle the tramp metal often found in this application. Additional features include:

The combination of the slower rotor speed, heavy duty components, Peterson’s impact release systems and large opening grates provides a similar sizing to slow speed shredders but with substantially higher production.

Recommended Tooling

The Peterson Heavy-Duty 8-Pass Carbide Overlay Bit with rails provides the toughness and durability needed for storm debris where irregular feed material is common. Eight passes of carbide protects the forging while the rails securely lock onto the holder minimizing the shock of side load impacts.

When grinding green waste and other storm debris material at a DMS facility, the goal is to recycle or reduce material to maximize landfill space through material compaction. A combination of 6” hex grates followed by 8” hex grates will achieve the high production required for this application.

Suggested Equipment

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