Mulch is a protective layer of material applied to the surface soil, and may be used for a variety of applications.

  • conserve moisture
  • provide weed control
  • regulate soil temperature
  • promote soil fertility
  • boost landscape appearance
  • prevent soil erosion

It can be made from a variety of materials, typically organic, but not exclusively. Organic mulches are typically a product that can decompose providing nutrients to the soil over time.

Peterson machines can help you create, screen, stack, and deliver your final product. We’ll help you add value to your products and services from your feedstock all the way to delivery.

Bark Mulch & Bark Dust

A processed bark material from different species of trees, used as a ground covering for multiple applications. Bark mulch can be used for water retention around plants while giving the landscape an attractive manicured appearance. It may also be used for acidifying soil and weed control, provide mud control, trail surfaces, and as a growing medium.

Bark mulch comes in different sizes and species, tailored for specific applications. Each bark species has its own defining characteristics and are often regionally popular based on local forests varieties. Fir, cedar, cypress, oak, pine and hemlock are just a few varieties available.

It’s typically orange or red-brown in color, but may have added coloring, such as black, for additional customization.

Colored Mulch

Add value to your mulch product by coloring it to suit your local customer preferences.  Black, brown and red are the most common colors, but any combination of colors is possible to make a memorable product that your customers will remember you by!


Recommended Tooling

A final mulch product most likely has been through an initial grind and therefore, the regrind feedstock will be smaller and cleaner than the initial grind.

A Standard 6-Pass bit can be used for the regrind which will result in a fuzzier end product but if a smooth final product is desired we suggest using the Peterson Knife Edge bit.

Grate selection can vary depending on the size of the final product desired. As a general rule, grates with smaller openings (1” or 2” round) are installed in the first two positions as these grates do the majority of the product sizing. Round grates are used to provide a more consistent end product when product size is critical. Progressively larger openings (3” or 4” hex) are installed in the following positions and are used as “exhaust” grates allowing product to exit the mill.

Suggested Equipment

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