5900E Disc Chipper
pair with a 4800f delimber debarker and create a portable chip plant

he Peterson model 5900E disc chipper is built to produce high quality paper chips when used with a Peterson 4800 debarker or fuel chips as a stand alone fuel wood chipper. The same high quality chipping components have been used for many years in Peterson’s 5000H delimber/debarker/chipper.

The 5900E has a large feed throat that is capable of accepting up to a 23 inch (563mm) diameter tree or multiple smaller diameter stems.

The 5900E has a standard three knife disc, and is also available with an optional four knife disc. The standard three pocket disc can produce chips from 5⁄8 to 1¼ inch (16–32 mm) in length, and the four pocket disc can produce chips from ½ to 1 inch (13–25 mm) in length. Optional sheave diameters of 40, 60 and 65 inch (102, 152 and 165 cm) are available if a slower feed speed is required to match the capacity of a flail delimber.
Peterson’s heavy-duty 66 inch (1676 mm) diameter 4.75 inch (121 mm) thick chipper disc has a replaceable ½ inch (13mm) thick wear plate. Chipping production rates from 60 to 100 US tons (55–90 tonnes) can be achieved depending on chip size. The 5900E is designed with a minimum of complication for reliable low cost long term operation. The chipper disc is directly driven from a high-capacity dry-disc clutch and belts. The six-cylinder Caterpillar C18 engine is more economical and requires less maintenance than twelve-cylinder engines.

Peterson’s Adaptive Cooling system is utilized to adjust the fan pitch to match the engine cooling requirements. At full pitch the fan power requirement is 53 horsepower (39.5 kW) so adjusting the fan pitch can significantly reduce fuel costs over the life of the machine. Cooling air is directed over the engine to minimize any dust build up on the engine.

A twelve channel radio remote control permits control of the 5900E by the loader operator. The machine can be also controlled from the control box on the chipper.